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Noda Pay: one year since going live! Why Does it Matter?


A whole year has passed since Noda Pay went live. This past year has been filled with both positive moments and challenges. We are glad to have supported people at all times and helped to make their life more convenient. A lot has changed this year – the market, the pandemic, global politics, and people have undoubtedly changed too. Noda Pay is growing fast, and the technology is developing and adapting to people’s needs. Now there are 15 countries, 20 merchants, and over 300 banks available live.

As we head into Q2 of 2022, traffic is already 100% higher than the same period in 2021. It’s a great result, right? But we need to do even more!

What does our progress mean?

It means Noda’s technology is really making a difference and helping more and more people. And we are now entering the second phase of Noda’s development strategy.

Why is it good for clients?

Clients have now got access to a very convenient payment processing service. We continue to improve our service, expand our geographical coverage and thus open up new opportunities for merchants.

Why does it matter?

Life never stands still and everything in the world is changing. This year we have proven that we can make a difference and that we’ve got bags of potential. We will continue to improve and evolve with our customers. Noda pay is changing with you.


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