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Identity Verification

Noda's Open Banking payment service is a fast, cost effective way for consumers to complete transactions without any hassle. With just a few clicks, you can easily verify the identity of your clients and cut down on paperwork.

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How it works

We support our customers through each step: boarding, integration, payments set up and tuning of a smooth flow

New user registration

When a client registers on the site and authenticates themselves, they are given access to a full range of  features. From there they can start completing transactions with ease!

Connecting to a bank provider

The customer selects a bank provider and follows the instructions to connect his account. This enables customers to securely access their finances and manage their money easily

Instant Verification

With one clock verification, customers can confirm their identity in the bank app. Their account information is instantly collected in a seamless process that takes just few seconds!

Ready to go

Once users have been redirected to their secure verified accounts, they can start authorizing payments right away

How it works
We support our customers at each step: boarding, integration, payments set up and fine tunning of smooth flow

Dedicated manager will review your application and help to set everything up with the speed of light!

User initiates the payment

The user is redirected back from the bank and the payment is initiated. Users will be prompted to approve any fees incurred before this happens.

User authorises payment

The user clicks on the payment link, selects a bank and is redirected to their Bank app where they select a bank account, see the balance and authorise the payment.

Create a payment or standing order

Post the payment details to the API and it will return an initiation link

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Create a simpler, faster registration process

Streamline the sign-up process with a seamless and reliable onboarding solution. Avoid costly drop offs by providing an innovative approach to Open Banking data management that increases customer satisfaction, loyalty and engagement

Eliminate  paperwork

Reduce paperwork and save time with our simple and efficient payment processing.Improve customer satisfaction by offering the convenience of never having to send copies of real documents

Reduce fraud

Protect your business with secure and reliable data by ensuring that all customer information is legitimate and accurate

Increase conversion rate

Access The Open Banking data to verify identities in seconds and eliminate the need for lengthy and often invasive processes. The Open Banking improves customer experience and conversion rates

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With Noda, you can verify your customers' accounts in seconds. The seamless connection to their bank allows for more efficient and assured business environment and protect your business  from potential risk of fraud at the same time!

Quick and easy checkout process

Real-time Open Banking connectivity to power your KYC and verification engine

Bank level security for your peace of mind

We strive for your peace of mind. Any transaction conducted via Noda Pay is safe and secure.

No chargebacks or declined payments

No chargebacks = No chargeback fee from banks. With acceptance rate of 98%, it’s the best offer on the market.

User-tailored flow

Our straightforward checkout flow makes things happen quickly and efficiently

Easy payment solution

We keep your customers happy with fast and easy payment options they know and trust

Charge-free refunds

We don't charge any fees for refunds, so you can always get your money back if something goes wrong

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