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What if you could eliminate all of your customer's hassle? Consider using QR codes as an easy, cost-effective way to solve multiple parts of your customer's journey.

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How it works
We support our customers at each step: boarding, integration, payments set up and fine tunning of smooth flow

Dedicated manager will review your application and help to set everything up with the speed of light!

User initiates the payment

The user is redirected back from the bank and the payment is initiated. Users will be prompted to approve any fees incurred before this happens.

User authorises payment

The user clicks on the payment link, selects a bank and is redirected to their Bank app where they select a bank account, see the balance and authorise the payment.

Create a payment or standing order

Post the payment details to the API and it will return an initiation link

How it works

We support our customers through each step: boarding, integration, payments set up and tuning of a smooth flow


Simply generate a QR code in your Noda dashboard


Print out or display the unique QR code for your customer

Scan to pay

Instruct your customer to scan the QR code with their mobile phone and authorise  payment in their mobile banking app

Why choose Noda

In the quest for customer loyalty, companies are now using QR codes to provide better user experience. This is especially true in developed countries where people have access to faster and more readily available internet connectivity through their smartphones than ever before!

Increased engagement

QR codes can help customers interact with your brand or product

Increased traffic

QR codes help direct  traffic to your website or other online properties

Increased conversion rates

QR codes can help customers purchase your products or services more easily


Instead of having to type in a long web address, you can just scan a QR code and be taken directly to the desired website. This can be especially useful when you're trying to access a site on your mobile phone.


QR codes can store more information than standard barcodes, so they can be used for things like coupon codes, contact information, or even audio or video files


You can use QR codes to create an interactive experience for your audience. For example, you could embed a QR code in a promotional flyer and direct people to a contest entry form where they scan it.

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