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Make it easy for your customers to buy from you without having a website. It’s possible with Payment Links. Create a full payment page in just a few clicks and share your link with potential customers—no coding required!

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How it works
We support out customers through each step: boarding, integration, payments set up and tuning of a smooth flow

Dedicated manager will review your application and help you to set everything up at the speed of light!

User initiates the payment

The user is redirected back from the bank and the payment is initiated. Users will be prompted to approve any fees incurred before this happens.

User authorises payment

The user clicks on the payment link, selects a bank and is redirected to their Bank app where they select a bank account, see the balance and authorise the payment.

Create a payment or standing order

Post the payment details to the API and it will return an initiation link

Achieve more sales with payment links

Create your own full payment page in just few minutes, with no technical skills required. It's perfect if your business needs more exposure or would like the option of taking payments without having any website yet.

Create a new payment link

Generate a payment link in a few minutes wherever you are, without any coding knowledge!

Share the link with your customers

With just one click, you can create an entire payment page and share the link so that customers are able to purchase from your page instantly!

Get paid instantly

Your customer can click on the link and  complete the payment with their preferred method in just two clicks!

More Ways to Reach Your Customers

Don't miss out on sales. Payment links allow you to instantly reach your customers wherever they are.

You can collect payments faster

Adding a “Pay Now” button to an electronic invoice encourages customers to pay immediately


When you are using the payment links from a reliable and secure payments source  you can provide a sense of security to the customers

Why choose Noda

Noda is an innovative solution for managing online payments. Set up the service in just minutes, and you can start accepting transactions immediately! Noda's friendly interface provides instant access to all your finances while its secure payment processing protects customers and businesses against fraud .

Easy and fast to set up

Using this payment method is effortless. Sending a payment link does not require integration with a payment gateway or an API.

Tracking and records

Real-time Open Banking connectivity to power your KYC and verification engine

Effective customer communication

Real-time Open Banking connectivity to power your KYC and verification engine

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