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Faster, safer, more cost-effective payments

Checkout our Noda's Open Banking payments solution service. It offers fast, cost-effective payments solution via Open Banking that reduces fraud for end-users

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It’s very simple and easy of use

Payment confirmation

The platform tracks the payment's progress and posts updates as it completes

User initiates the payment

The user is redirected back from the bank and the payment is initiated. Users will be prompted to approve any fees incurred before this happens

User authorises payment

The user clicks on the payment link, selects a bank and is redirected to their Bank app where they select a bank account, see the balance and authorise the payment

Create a payment or standing order

Post the payment details to the API and it will return an initiation link

Instant access to open banking

Customer selects Noda’s user friendly open banking platform

Connect to a bank provider

Customers can choose the provider that best suits their needs to complete transactions

Payment initiation

Customer approves payments in their personal banking app

Smooth checkout process

User is redirected back to the product listing they were originally browsing after completing their purchase

Why to choose Noda

Low commission rate

Noda takes a small cut for facilitating transactions making it more affordable to use than other payment providers

Fast and efficient payments

With our quick and easy process, you can get your money in just few minutes!

Low fraud risk

We employ cutting edge security measures to help protect  payments from scammers

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Cloud-based client dashboards

Keep track of your finances in one place and have instant access to your data

Unlock the true value of open banking

Higher conversion rates

Payments made through open banking are more convenient and transparent for customers, which encourages them to complete their purchase

Increased profits

Benefit from higher profit margins due to lower transaction costs

Instant payments

Fast transaction speed means that businesses can reinvest money quickly and efficiently

High bank coverage
in the UK and EU
Noda’s digital payments ecosystem can be used in sync with all leading banks across the UK and European Union:
🇦🇹 AT   🇧🇪 BE   🇧🇬 BG   🇨🇿 CZ   🇩🇪 DE   🇪🇪 EE   🇪🇸 ES   🇫🇷 FR   🇭🇺 HU   🇮🇪 IE     🇱🇹 LT   
🇱🇺 LU     🇱🇻 LV   🇳🇱 NL   🇵🇱 PL    🇵🇹 PT   🇷🇴 RO   🇬🇧 GB   🇮🇹 IT   🇩🇰 DK    🇸🇪 SE   🇳🇴 NO   🇫🇮 FI
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of users would prefer to pay account to account
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Wide coverage

Noda offers the best open banking coverage in the market by covering the majority of all current accounts in the UK and EU

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Easy and fast 1 day integration
We take the hassle out of online payments and make integration a breeze so clients can focus on their core business
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Powerful Analytics
Get accurate insights and analyse your transaction data in a simple, user friendly merchant dashboard
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One-Click Checkout
Speed up the checkout process for returning customers - with just one click, they can complete their purchase faster than ever before!
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Simple 1-day integrate
Simple APIs ensure clients get products to market fast
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Flexible payments
Initiate single payments (create custom payments or create recurring payments) and create scheduled payments or standing orders
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Track & Analysis
Track payments through a merchant dashboard
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The best Open Banking coverage

We cover the vast majority of all current accounts in the UK and EU (CA soon).

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of users would prefer to pay account to account
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Just 1% commission. No hidden fees